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System Rebuilds

A look at our system rebuild process

During the rebuild process, all steps are tracked using project management software to ensure that your product is properly built, thoroughly tested and delivered to you on schedule. Below is an example project that demonstrates our system rebuild process and principles.

Monolith and mainframe are stripped and cleaned to prevent contamination issues.

System Rebuild - Monolith and Mainframe

New powder-coat during rebuild.

Forelines and valves are rebuilt or new from OEM.

Powder Coat Forelines and Valves

Turbos are rebuilt with
warranty to OEM specs.

Lamps are replaced with OEM
or customer specified vendor.

Turbo Rebuild Lamp Replacement

Gas panel rebuild with new valves, new tubing, and new or rebuilt MFCs.
(All parts come with warranty.)

Gas Panel Rebuild

Current safety upgrades are completed during refurbishment.

Chambers and O-Rings

Current safety upgrades are completed during refurbishment.

Safety Upgrades

After the rebuild, we test the system through Applied Materials Tier I at our facility.

System Testing

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